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As part of the AWS Migration journey, initiated by iGA, MYS decided to migrate their Webservers, Content Management Servers, Batch server, Work flow servers and the underlying Database to AWS. As a pre-requisite to the applications migration, their AD was extended to AWS for authentication purposes.

As like other on premises application MYS also facing below challenges:

  • Not knowing the approximate amount of storage required for the upgrade process.
  • Some of applications will need to be deployed and dropped multiple times.
  • The users need to access the UAT environment from anywhere.
  • Upgraded database version compatibility with upgraded application is not clear and will need be tested extensively.
  • OS compatibility with application needs to be tested and confirmed may require multiple OS reinstallations.


  • Leading public cloud provider
  • Pay as you go approach
  • AWS free tier
  • Performance
  • Fast Deployment

The entire migration was meticulously planned and migrated within a short timeline. The test environments were migrated initially which gained MYS’s confidence on accessing their applications without any performance degradation from on premise infrastructure.

Upon gaining confidence from their test results, the decision to migrate the production instances were instantaneous. The Production instances were migrated seamlessly without any interruption to their live services and impact to the users.

The MYS selected Almoayyed Computers to assist it with moving workload into AWS because of its demonstrated expertise in architecting and implementing solutions on AWS for the public sector. Expert team Almoayyed computers present with all important services with best practices. Services to be used for achieving solution.

  • EC2
  • Cloudwatch
  • ELB
  • EBS
  • S3
  • SNS
  • Lambda
Duration: - 3 Month (4-Sep-18 to 8-Jan-19)


MYS has their application hosted in a more robust and rigid platform as compared to their earlier Infrastructure at a much reduced cost. MYS has also achieved the flexibility of turning down the test instances during out of office hours automatically using the AWS Lambda Service which essentially reduces their Costs for only their effective usage and not a fixed cost.

  • Cost optimization By Auto stop/start Test environment
  • Zero commitment all the services can be dropped after the project completion.
  • Ability to provision multiple instances on the go for application upgrade testing.
  • Ability to resize storage on the go.
  • Base AMI creation for each OS for compatibility testing.
  • Ability to provision multiple databases with different versions to test compatibility.
  • User accessibility all the users can access the application even from outside the premises without the need of setting up physical network to support the application.
  • Security, Flexibility, Scalability, Durability, Performance, Lower cost


With the assistance of Almoayyed Computers, IAA was able to move from a problematic website host onto a highly available, more secure infrastructure on AWS.

"Almoayyed Computers help was invaluable," says Huda Mohsen. "Not only did we complete the move in two weeks, but they worked with us around the clock to ensure that the entire system remained stable and trouble-free."

Although the previous host presented unacceptably frequent availability lapses, that problem has been eliminated on AWS. "For us, the most important red line is that this portal cannot go down for even a second," says Huda Mohsen. "Before, we often experienced some challenges, and fixing these problems required work orders, procuring new hardware, and long timeframes. Now, even when we do experience small issues, it just takes a couple of clicks to move a database. I can do it from my house, even in the middle of the night, and our customers never know there was any issue."

It's also much easier to update the website with new features. "Now that we are on AWS, all the cumbersome workflow that used to be necessary to add features or provision resources for new features has been replaced by just a few clicks," says Mohamed Sajid an AWS solution Architect at Almoayyed Computers.

Moving to AWS resulted in considerable cost savings, Huda Mohsen adds. "By moving to AWS, we cut our hosting costs 50%. The savings we found on AWS are being reinvested into the site, so we can create an even better experience for our customers."

Huda Mohsen chalks up the success of the project to the flexibility and professionalism of Almoayyed Computers team. "What I liked most about working with Almoayyed Computers team members was that they treated us more like family than like a revenue source. They were always ready to help, whenever and whatever we needed, and they were totally committed to a successful, high-quality outcome."

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