Garmco Careers Portal Previously hosted on Azure and Customer wanted to migrate on AWS platform in order to achieve better services i.e the scalability to support activity from an increasing number of customers and end users of the developers’ applications–without incurring a steep increase in infrastructure costs. The infrastructure needed to have the elasticity to support peaks in demand without requiring the business to pay for the same level of capacity during periods of lower demand. Finally, the infrastructure needed to be secure in order to protect Garmco Career Portal and software development kit from malicious individuals looking to steal sensitive information or disrupt or compromise the service. The AWS quickly emerged as one of those options.


Garmco internal IT team with Vendor investigated several options, including using On-Premise resources a move that would require a considerable capital investment in servers, storage, and networking equipment. Eventually, it decided on a cloud environment.

Garmco criteria for selecting a cloud provider included geographical coverage, maturity of service, stability, cost flexibility and ability to innovate. AWS was the best option. Garmco decided to move its portal to AWS as a test to understand the capabilities of the platform. The portal farm, which uses Microsoft SQL Server , the .NET framework and the Site core content management system, caters to customers globally across multiple countries by providing local language and property-catalog search capabilities.


The portal migration to the AWS platform was successful because Garmco reduced costs, improved scalability, and extended its redundancy and disaster recovery capabilities. Migrating to AWS eliminated performance issues for Garmco and enabled it to extend its search capabilities without infrastructure resources providing a bottleneck. In addition, AWS Services has enabled Garmco to deliver on its performance benchmark requirements, including a three-second or less response time for sending small documents across its internal network.

Almoayyed Computers is now looking at its next steps, including moving its core workloads and business applications into the cloud and exploring the business intelligence capabilities of AWS.

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