Bahrain Polytechnic

Bahrain Polytechnic


Almoayyed computers is a Consulting Advanced AWS partner, As part of the AWS Migration journey, initiated by iGA, BP has decided to migrate all their learning management system hosted at on their On-Premise Datacenter to AWS.


The first challenge was due to the low internet bandwidth, performance, availability issues, BP was not in a position to deliver the satisfactory service to their students.

The second challenge they were facing is to manage the Database. The BP internal team was not having the Database administrator to manage their complex On-Premise DB.

Again, as they started new courses in this year, they need more storage and additional Bandwidth to cater service to their students. The procuring process was too long and they need to move fast. They have challenges with their backup system which need to be considered during the redesign.


Why Amazon Web Services Considering the above challenges, we have given solution based on the AWS best architecture and the Moodle migration guide to AWS. We have created initially the VPC design and connected to the On-Prem network. The Application has migrated to EC2 instance on Redhat Linux and the Database has been migrated to the Aurora Database. Both the system where configured with snapshot based backup for the speedy recovery.

AWS Security groups has been used for securing the environment and Cloudwatch is used for monitoring the environment.


The Benefits of BP will be benefitted in running their workloads in a much sophisticated environment at a cost less than half of what is being spent on in house Datacenter.

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