Industries We Serve

Taking your business to the next level

We believe that every industry has its own technology needs. ACME has tailored services which helps your company rise to the top of your field. No matter the industry, ACME provides cutting-edge solutions your business can rely on. We look forth to discovering how we can help your organization as well.

ACME is proud to serve some of the finest businesses in the Kingdom. While this list of businesses is by no means complete – we’re constantly inspired to develop services for new verticals – it should contribute a good overview of how we support our clients and their organizations.​

ACME has developed special capabilities to create customized solutions by working with clients in various industries.

Educational Institutions: IT for Education- ACME recognizes the hurdles your organization faces, spending within and operating technology.

In most of the educational institutions, technology projects are stationed without a plan. Stories of failed school technology deployments are due to failing infrastructure and inadequate operational planning. This results in frustrated teachers and students, wasting class time, poor tutorial outcomes, misused money, and negative publicity.

At ACME, we understand the technology and know which one that can be implemented to improve education when it is deployed precisely and including sufficient support. Our specialists can help you design, deliver, and support a successful educational technology plan. From wireless solutions, secured broadband networks, e-Learning Libraries, Applications and Platforms, ACME provides complete solutions for optimizing institutions’ infrastructure that facilitate teaching, learning, and research. We are aware of the new trend and the growing demand for personalized learning, so we offer solutions capable of transforming education process through customized study.

Public Sector: ACME specific solution for Government provides ministries and directorates with the full toolset they need to manage and grow their operations.

Trust, community, and service are essential to working with the public sector. As a committed partner for more than 40 years, ACME brings a blend of proven methods, technologies and insights gained from working with commercial businesses and governments agencies. ACME offers a rich mixture of industry experience, a more complete portfolio of integrated skills under one umbrella and overall, a new redefined practice in government IT modernization to better serve the government. ​

ACME provide a full suite of consulting, technology and application solutions and services to resolve key priorities and challenges and to increase efficiency within the entity.

Our experience combined with modern systems are supported by professional expert implementation specialists work effortlessly to meet your business expectations.

Financial Services: Reliability with ACME's specialized technology Infrastructure

Helping your business in maintaining profitability by relaying on accurate and insightful financial solutions.

Every financial institute requires a combination of innovative and trustworthy systems. To meet client requirements, your data must be private and protected, and your Finance experts and staff need to constant access to their computer systems. To grow profitability, your network and software must be reliable, up-to-date, and fully integrated. ACME understands how important reliable technology infrastructure is to businesses in the accounting and financial industries.

As a leading technology provider in the financial industry, ACME provides mission-critical platforms, data integrity and security solutions in addition to a solid, secure, and reliable IT infrastructure with adaptability and flexibility as a prompt response to ever-changing market conditions. Leading Application Solutions to include core, retail banking, back-office productivity solutions, backed up by a 24/7 Support Service. Customers can always rely on ACME’s commitment to data integrity, security, and availability.

Retail: Enhance client relationships with ACME's Innovative Digital Strategies

The Retail industry is a fast-paced and ever-changing industry, and businesses require to constantly optimize their services to meet customers’ demands across all channels. Customer intelligence is a priority, but a legacy, siloed databases, and infrastructure can prevent your business from analyzing the data that identifies buying preferences and trends. To attract new customers and retain existing ones, you need to provide a positive, user-friendly online experience.

As a retail business, the system must be capable of hosting a category of applications and devices that ensures accurate sale transactions, pricing, communications, compliance, and protection of data to name a few. That’s where ACME comes in. Our advanced applications, top quality solutions, and triple-play network infrastructure build competitive advantage and transform every retail business into a great success. At ACME, we have designed advanced solutions that include systems and processes which ensures smooth transactions, sales, recordkeeping, data storage, backups, and information technology (networks and infrastructure) that handles the flow.

Real Estate: Bespoke services for a smart, safe and reliable business

With globalization and economic downturn effect on the world, the real estate industry is facing various challenges. Current market trends – workforce globalization, environmental and social responsibility, and a growing, worldwide population – are driving the growing need for building transformation. And as the next generation of real estate and building businesses work towards transforming workplaces and home spaces into personalized, efficient, functional, and profitable environments, using the right tools and applications can be critical, effecting directly on the entire business process and profitability.

ACME’s structured cabling solutions, wireless infrastructure, converged IP networks, next-generation voice, video, and data communication services, unified communications solutions for building management systems and more can help real estate businesses to boost profitability, reduce costs and plan better investments.

Service Providers: Trust our top minds to gain competitiveness and visibility, and stay ahead of your game​

In a world that is rapidly changing, market trends are constantly transforming. To maintain a leading position in the market, each business should think forward and out of the box and stay ahead of game. We deliver future-oriented solutions which can help service providers to gain competitive advantage by building life-long relationships with partners and managing business performance through increased visibility.

By offering bespoke applications, backed up by tailored services and 24/7 support from the Support Center, we help service providers to improve profits and gain a leading advantage.