Financial Services

Our combination of innovative and trustworthy systems offers the best solutions for every financial services need. As we can notice increasing demands for using advanced technology to maximize bank profits while reducing costs, ALMOAYYED Computers provides the latest communication platforms to respond to all clients requirements.

The main function of the financial services is to persuade people to entrust their money into their care. As a technology leader in every area of financial services, ALMOAYYED Computers provides mission critical platforms, data integrity and security solutions in addition to a solid, secure and reliable IT infrastructure with adaptability and flexibility as a prompt response to changing market conditions. Our specific applications improve the customer experience in retail banking by helping banks matching experts with customers’ needs in real time or integrate their delivery channels and operations with clients’ demands. Leading Application Solutions include core, retail banking, back office productivity solutions, backed up by our 24X7 Support Service.

Customers can always rely on ALMOAYYED Computers’ commitment to data integrity, security and availability.