The Challenges

BNH is upgrading their core insurance system and there is no clear path for the upgrade requirements and procedure. They need extensive user testing to determine the best methodology for upgrading their production environment. The main challenges they face are:

• Not knowing the approximate amount of storage required for the upgrade process.
• Some of applications will need to be deployed and dropped multiple times.
• The users need to access the UAT environment from anywhere even outside BNH’s location.
• Upgraded database version compatibility with upgraded application is not clear and will need be tested extensively.
• OS compatibility with application needs to be tested and confirmed may require multiple OS reinstallations.

Why Amazon Web Services

• Leading public cloud provider.
• Pay as you go approach.
• AWS free tier.
• Performance
• Fast Deployment.

The Benefits of BNH

• Zero commitment all the services can be dropped after the project completion.
• Ability to provision multiple instances on the go for application upgrade testing.
• Ability to resize storage on the ago.
• Base AMI creation for each OS for compatibility testing.
• Ability to provision multiple databases with different versions to test compatibility.
• User accessibility all the users can access the application even from outside the premises without the need of setting up physical network to support the application.