Organisations increasingly need shorter time-to-market and better operating efficiency. By employing a culture of collaboration, programmatically controllable tools, best practices and de-siloing the development, operations and testing teams, the DevOps practices maximise velocity without sacrificing quality.

The recently released 2017 State of DevOps Report uncovers some impressive statistics. High performing organisations that effectively utilise DevOps principles achieve:

• 46x more frequent software deployments than their competitors
• 96x faster recovery from failures
• 440x faster lead time for changes
• Higher levels of customer satisfaction and operational efficiency

Traditionally, the development team, the operations team and the test team all work separately. Organisations often implement DevOps as a title change or a skills uplift in the form of programming ability for the Operations team, to very little benefit.

To truly benefit from the DevOps practices, the teams work together to automate lengthy manual tasks by combining expertise, technology stacks and automation tools. This frees the teams up to focus on the evolution of applications and products, thus serving the customers better and compete more effectively.

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