For many of our customers, their cloud journey may start with a small scale migration or development environment. At Almoayyed Computers, we’re well versed in this approach and our consultants always take a big picture view when making recommendations. This allows us to help you make the right strategy choice from the outset.

Benefits of engaging Almoayyed Computers:
• We can support you to confidently move key services and applications into a full production instance in the cloud
• We will give your stakeholders confidence and proof of value when moving to a cloud production environment
• We’ll help you to take control of "skunk works" cloud-based projects and stem their proliferation by enabling customer IT teams to plan and create a cloud environment as part of a more controlled digital strategy
• Our team will underpin and accelerate a phased approach to your IT refresh/modernisation plans
• By architecting for cloud you will benefit from improved business continuity and disaster recovery capabilities
• Our solutions will give you the ability to deploy not only code, but also the changed infrastructure within a release, reducing maintenance costs over time and securing the storage of your whole environment.
• We’ll help you fully exploit all the capabilities and features offered by AWS within your cloud migrations plan
• You’ll benefit from access to cloud experts who can advise you and your team on the most effective and efficient migration plan
• Our team will optimise the performance of migrated workloads
• We’ll help you to fully understand and mitigate potential risks and impacts when migrating workloads
• We augment standard service level agreements offered by cloud providers to ensure not only that the cloud platform is available, but also that the application or service in the cloud is performing optimally
• Our proactive service reviews underpinned by service credits help ensure optimum service performance as well as ongoing service innovation throughout the contract lifetime
• We proactively manage billing to control and minimise costs of cloud storage and compute